The Drive Must Go On!

New adventures, new sights to see, new friends to meet! The Challenge continues to roll forward once again thanks to you! For 2017 we've engineered in more fun with all new categories including:

Heroes and Villains destinations: Find signs representing either famous or infamous persons

Around the World: Find signs with the names of locations outside of North America

117 years of transportation: Seek out fabulous vehicles from each decade

Scrabble Scramble: One-word street names, totaling up the Scrabble points for each letter

How to Play Earn points by taking photos near the qualifying signs/destinations listed on the back of this guide. Each of your photos are to include the following:

  • Yourself or a traveling companion – when possible
  • Your car – eligible vehicles are those supported with Moss parts
  • The cover of a Moss Motors Catalog
  • Proof of your location such as signs or identifying landmarks

Register for the Challenge

Trello Score Sheet

Click the button above to build your Trello Challenge score sheet. Trello stores all your Challenge photos, plus it has a built-in point calculator and a list of yet-to-complete destinations. You and your board will be added to the Trello MMC 2017 team. By default it will be visible to the team, but you can change to a private setting if you wish to keep your point total secret.

Photo and Point Guideline

To earn points a permanently posted sign or landmark must be in many of the photos identifying your location. When earning points for the Destinations category, signs are required where noted. Also, some photos could be challenging to come by and, although this is a Motoring "Challenge," be safe out there and don't do anything we wouldn't do...

We want you, the Challenger, or a willing accomplice, to be in as many pictures as possible. Be creative and have fun. (It could earn you bonus points with the judges!)

Moss Motoring Challenge judges may award up to 3 total additional points for any number of creative, clever reasons. The more fun you have, the more everyone will enjoy your Challenge photos!

Submitting Your Entry Photos

While Trello is a free and easy method for compiling and submitting your Challenge photos, you may also mail your photos on a CD or Flash Drive, along with your point sheet (no later than December 31, 2017) to:

Moss Motoring Challenge
440 Rutherford St.
Goleta, CA 93117

Mailed submissions must include the filled out 2017 Moss Motoring Challenge Guide. One photo must be included for each location. Please organize your photos in the order they are listed on the entry form. Photos will not be returned. Moss Motors reserves the right to use the photography—and looks forward to doing so!


Winners will be announced by February 15, 2018

Point Guide

Catalog Covers

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Write to us at: motoringchallenge@mossmotors.com

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