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1953 mg td top replacement

Last post 01-05-2007, 8:17 AM by motorbill66. 3 replies.
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  •  12-28-2006, 9:32 PM 3292

    Big Smile [:D] 1953 mg td top replacement

    I am about to install a new top (moss motors kit) on my recently restored (after 30 years in storage) 1953 Mg Td.  I have no instructions and no other mg to view on how it is installed.

    Any suggestions, photos or leads to documentation? It is a three bow frame which has been stripped down, primed and painted and ready to go - it just has no place to go with out a little help. The original cloth was discarded 30 years ago so I have no clue.

    Any hints?

    Thank you, m2design

  •  12-31-2006, 11:58 PM 3349 in reply to 3292

    Re: 1953 mg td top replacement


     If you have not done upholstery or top/tonneau cover work before, it is best to have a qualified upholstery (top) shop do it.  Only one who is familiar with the way top material stretches and the correct way to place the pegs or fasteners can get it right.  It would be a shame if you accidently ruined an expensive item.  Don't be pound foolsh, please.




  •  01-04-2007, 9:22 PM 3446 in reply to 3292

    Re: 1953 mg td top replacement

    I recommend two "how-to" manuals:  the best by far is "The Complete MG TD Restoration Manual" by Horst Schach (a very detailed installation description with photos), and "MG T Series Restoration Guide" by Malcolm Green.  Not as good as the first source, but more additional information.  Both are sold by Moss Motors.

    I installed a Moss vinyl top on my 2-bow '51 TD following Horst's instructions.  Some lessons learned:  Make sure the bow frame is mounted into the same holes drilled by the factory hands (which is a challenge if you've just replaced the interior side panels).  Have the side curtains in place to help fit the new top to the side curtain top edges correctly.

    Horst's instructions are very complete, and I had no problem getting the vinyl attached to the front bow and the rear tub wood.  It is a bit of an act of faith when you have to cut darts out of the front corners to get the fabric to wrap correctly around the windshield corners (start with small cuts and/or practice with some scrap material first).  It makes sense once you see how the material goes around the corner.  The hidem straps are easy to install.

    Keep in mind that the material, particularily vinyl, will shrink a bit and be very stiff in cold weather.  We've got several car club members who had their tops installed very tight with nary a wrinkle on a warm day, but they struggle mightily to put the top up on cold days!  I used a warm-weather "relaxed" fit that may not meet concourse standards, but I can erect it when cold without too much cursing, and it's still there after 5 years!

  •  01-05-2007, 8:17 AM 3457 in reply to 3446

    Re: 1953 mg td top replacement


    Sage advice from Mr. Mason. Be aware that the plastic top is MUCH easier to install than the cloth version. Also, If you have the time, and you must use holes in wood over again, fill them with scrap wood glued or epoxied in place and redrill pilot holes.

    I can attest to the fact that Dick Mason's TD is one VERY nice car. The deep red metallic color may not be stock, but virtually everyone who sees it loves it. It seems to fit the car perfectly. Dick is modest about the job he's done with the car but it's a fact he's won several awards with it and it runs like a top.

    From Lola to Land Rover, If it's British and has wheels, it's likely I've bloodied me knuckles thereupon