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Centre speedo conversion

Last post 05-24-2010, 1:54 AM by OzC@Moss. 1 replies.
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  •  03-22-2010, 11:03 AM 23154

    Centre speedo conversion

    hi all. this is my 1st post on here so please be gentle Big Smile

     im looking at buying the complete centre clock conversion kit that moss sell.  It meant to come with everything.

     has anyone else bought this and fitted it,  i only have a 998cc engine, so will my speedo reading be well out, will i need to get the speedo calibrated, for my mini to read correct, is it all easy to fit.

     dos kit include oil pipe, speedo cable, bulbs?

     any info welcome, before i pay out alot of money.

     thank you

  •  05-24-2010, 1:54 AM 23740 in reply to 23154

    Re: Centre speedo conversion


    The kit has everything that's needed to install...pretty easy to fit and the hardest part will be to change the speedo cable...bit of a tight squeeze down the back of the block but if you undo the top steady bar or bars if a comp one is fitted you can move the motor forwards to gain a little more access. The clock itself is calibraited for cars running 10" wheels with a 3.4:1 diff ratio so anything other than that combo will require re-calibration. 

    Oz Cooper
    Classic Mini Guru UK