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Vacuum Brake Bleeder056-671 Vacuum Brake Bleeder
This is actually a combination of two tools, a vacuum pump, and a brake bleed kit. They can be used separately or together. A quality product made in the USA.
Warranty: 1 year.

Hand Operated Vacuum Pump

Pump has a rugged steel handle and frame with cushioned hand grips. The vacuum cylinder, cylinder head and piston are solid brass. Brass cylinder comes with a tapered barbed hose fitting. A 24-inch long black hose with hose adaptor is included. When used with the Brake Bleed Kit, one person can bleed the brakes. You can also use it to check vacuum operated components like the distributor advance mechanism.

Brake Bleed Kit

This kit makes it easy to bleed the brakes without making a mess. Adapters are included for all vehicle brake systems. The brake bleed kit can be used by itself to bleed the brakes in the conventional manner with one person to pump the brakes, and one to operate the bleed screws. If you don’t have a helper, use the brake bleed kit with the hand operated vacuum pump and you can do the job yourself. Includes special lubricant to seal the hose connections.

Professional Air Powered Vacuum Bleeder386-225 Professional Air Powered Vacuum Bleeder

The air flow from a compressor is used to create a pressure differential between the normal atmospheric pressure (14.7 lbs/sq in at seal level) pressing on the brake fluid in the reservoir and a lower pressure in the large tank (1a) attached to the bleeder. A section of clear tubing is attached to the brake bleed fitting at the wheel cylinder (1b) or caliper. The other end of the tubing is connected to the vacuum tank (1c). When the bleed screw is opened and the handle on the brake bleeder is squeezed, the brake fluid will be drawn into the catch tank. A copy of the manufacturer’s instructions are available on our website:

Brake Fluid Tester386-845 Brake Fluid Tester

Measures the electrical resistance of the brake fluid to determine the level of water contamination.

Green LED= moisture less than 1.5% (OK)
Yellow LED= moisture between 1.5% and 3.0% (Consider flush & refill with fresh brake fluid)
Gasket, for 1.75” CapRed LED= Moisture greater than 3.0% (Fluid should be flushed and replaced immediately)

582-505 Gasket, for 1.75” Cap

This modern gasket will fit inside any 1.75” reservoir cap, as used on Austin Healeys and many other British cars. It will effectively reduce the amount of moisture that the brake fluid is exposed to.

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