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TR6 Supercharger System

The TR6 supercharger system uses the same Eaton positive displacement roots-type supercharger found on contemporary OE applications such as Mercedes Benz and Jaguar.   The supercharger is the latest M62 design which features helical rotors and an internal vacuum controlled bypass valve for high efficiency and economic cruising.

The special intake manifold has been carefully designed for balanced flow for all cylinders.  Rapid prototype materials have allowed the R&D team to design a casting which can be machined to fit either the early or later head port layout, which allows us to keep the cost of this comprehensive kit within reason. 

After looking at available carburetion, we settled on a Holley 2 bbl, which has adequate flow for just about any stage of development.  The carburetor is specially built for us and incorporates a number of passage modifications to improve operation during high boost and transition. 

The kit includes a new water pump, electric fuel pump, and a basic air filter which we anticipate many customers may wish to upgrade to a custom performance unit or perhaps cold air induction.   

The comprehensive instructions and all necessary parts make it easy for a competent DIY mechanic to install the kit over a weekend. 

As supplied the kit can provide an approximate 50% increase in rear wheel horsepower on a stock engine in good condition.  No internal engine modifications are necessary for safe use, but it is essential that the ignition system, including advance mechanisms be working correctly.

1-Year Warranty

To view the installation instructions, click here.

We installed a kit on a modified TR6 engine to get an idea of the horsepower potential. The engine had a slightly higher compression (9.5:1), a mild cam, and oversize valves. We installed our big boost kit which puts out about 8 p.s.i. The car was tested on the same dyno we used for the graph on the left. Check out the results by clicking on the following link. Dyno of Big Boost Kit

Check out an article about Moss' history with Superchargers here

Part #PriceDescriptionApplicationQty
150-108 N/A
Supercharger Kit (Order Value Discount Does Not Apply)
TR250/TR6 1969-'71 1
150-118 N/A
Supercharger Kit (Order Value Discount Does Not Apply)
TR6 1972-'76 1
150-110 $99.99
Boost Upgrade Pulley Kit

TR250/TR6 1969-'71

150-112 $139.99
Boost Upgrade Pulley Kit
TR6 1972-'76 1
150-106 $99.99
Heat Shield Kit
Note: The heatshield kit is made up of space age materials which deflect exhaust heat away from the supercharger manifold. It installs after the supercharger is fitted. The woven material and the adhesive binder are very special. It took weeks and lots of testing of different products before we found the right combination - this is as close as you will get to an aero space product that is affordable. The aluminized heat barrier is made up of woven silica with a flexible aluminized finish. The highly-reflective surface of the material is capable of withstanding radiant temperatures in excess of 2000°F.
All 1
052-653 $42.95
Drive Belt - Replacement
TR250/TR6 with Moss Supercharger Kit 1
052-627 $3.69
Spark Plug - NGK - Replacement
TR250/TR6 with Moss Supercharger Kit 6
052-649 $209.99
Fuel Pump - Replacement
TR250/TR6 with Moss Supercharger Kit 1

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