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TR4A Solid Rear Axle
Vehicle Identification
Vin Plate
Vehicle Number LocationL/H firewall
Body Number LocationR/H firewall
Engine Number LocationL/H engine block, behind coil
Gearbox Number LocationL/H side, top of boss
Tune Up
Rear Axle Number Locationtop of case
Engine Firing Order1,3,4,2
Valve Rocker Clearance.010" in. & exh. (cold)
Idle Speed600/650 rpm
Static Ignition Timing4 deg BTDC
Dynamic Ignition TimingN/A
Timing Mark Locationabove crank pulley
Distributor Make/TypeLucas 25D4
Contact Breaker (points) Gap
Rotation of Rotoranti-clockwise
Dwell Angle
Ignition Coil Make/TypeLucas, 12 V
Primary Resistance
Spark Plug Make/TypeChampion L87Y
Spark Plug Gap.025"
Carburetor Make/TypeZS 175CD x 2 or SU HS6 x 2
Carburetor Main Jet .100"
Carburetor Main Jet Needle2H (ZS), TW (SU)
Carburetor Piston Springblue (ZS), red (SU)
Vehicle & Engine
Length13' 0"
Width4' 9"
Height4' 2"
Ground Clearance6"
Track Front4' 1" (disc wheels), 4' 1-3/4" (wire wheels)
Track Rear4' 0" (disc wheels), 4' 3/4" (wire wheels)
Wheelbase7" 4"
Turning Circle33' 0"
Toe-In1/8" (0-1/16" w/ radials)
Unladen WeightNA
Curb Weight2212 lb
Gross WeightNA
Original Tire Size5.5/5.90x15 / 165x15 (Michelin X)
Original Tire Pressure Front (Cold)24 psi / 17 psi
Original Tire Pressure Rear (Cold)28 psi / 25 psi
Replacement Tire Size165 x 15
Engine Type4 cyl. inline, wet liners
Engine Displacement2138cc (130.5 cu. In.)
Firing Order1,3,4,2
Compresssion Ratio9:1
Engine Bore3.386" (86mm)
Engine Stroke3.622" (92mm)
Number of Cylinders4
Oil Pressure Idle30 psi minimum
Oil Pressure Normal70 psi @ 2000 rpm
Ignition Typeconventional points
Fuel System Type
Fuel Pump Make/TypeA.C. mechanical
Fuel Tank Capacity14 US gal. (53.5 litres)
Cooling System Capacity16.8 US pints (8.0 litres)
Sump Capacity13.2 US. Pints (6.25 liters)
Gearbox Capacity, non-overdrive1.8 US Pints (.85 litres)
Gearbox Capacity, overdrive4.2 US. Pints (2.0 litres)
Gearbox Capacity, automatic

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